Why Schu wine?

Quality & Passion

Norbert Schu, ex-star chef and son of a winemaker, has been nurturing his passion for high-quality wine for over 30 years. A collection of top international wines from different vintages and growing regions developed from a collection of the greatest Burgundy wines. Schu is known for its quality awareness and enjoyment, both inside and outside of Germany.

Optimal storage

Thanks to the unique wine cellar in Germany, the wines are optimally stored and matured for decades. The wines are stored under optimal conditions at a constant 12 degrees Celsius and around 80% humidity. The cool temperature, optimal humidity and minimal light influences ensure that the wine can be enjoyed ready to drink and without errors.

Ready to drink condition

Wine is a living product that undergoes changes due to various influences. These can be positive or negative. Wines that are ready to drink reach the peak of their maturity, whereby acidity and tannins become harmonious and enjoyment is promoted. Before selling, we taste the wines to make sure you enjoy them.

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"The wine cellar, which is one of the largest in the republic with almost 2000 items, always offers impeccable top quality."

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Father daughter

Schu-Wein is not just a small family business, but a real affair of the heart. It enables extensive knowledge to be passed on from the older to the younger generation.

Above all, the following applies:

  1. To make the Schu'sche seal of quality accessible to wine lovers worldwide.
  2. To offer a platform on which Norbert Schu can share his passion for exclusive wine finds.